Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Girls are so amazing...

Eliana is sitting on the floor next to me playing with a magnetic letter board that I bought for Jayden a while back. While she is sitting there, she is singing the alphabet song! Granted, she is not actually saying the names of the letters...that would be too much! But, she is singing, "d, d, d, d e, d, g..." so only making the sounds she is really good at. But...still it's the ALPHABET song WHILE she is playing with the ALPHABET!!! AMAZING!

She also has a "DADDY" fixation. Yesterday she woke up and called out to Daddy who had already left for the day (taking Jayden to school). But she called out to him and the repeated "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! ..." over and over again as she searched the whole house for him. When he finally came home last night, her face lit up like a Christmas tree! This morning....the first thing she said to me after I picked her up from the crib..."DADDY!" and pointed to where Dave and Jayden were sleeping. you can't win! :)

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