Saturday, April 21, 2007

Nothing to report

We are recovering from being sick...yet again! Poor Dave! He was sick on his birthday. That's kind of sucks for him. I planned a nice (fancy) dinner for him that we ended up eating tonight instead of Thursday because he said he wouldn't be able to eat on Thursday. We had filet mignon and green beans and mashed potatoes. YUM! But DAMN!!! I didn't know Filet mignon was $21 friggin' dollars a pound!!!!! HOLY CRAP!! Still it was good and it's Dave's we lived high off the hog tonight!

Jayden is doing well with going pee in the potty as long as we remember to send him. He shows no signs of initiative to go on his own and he is still pooping in his pants. I am tempted to have a day of all accidents to prove that he needs to pay better attention to his own body. But, then I am also tempted to put a diaper back on him and see where that leads. In the meantime, since no decision has been made, we send him to pee every hour or so and watch him like a hawk when he crawls behind a table or squats in a corner.

Nothing else going on. Hope all you loyal readers are well.

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