Monday, April 30, 2007

Progress is progress

Jayden pooped in the potty yesterday---ON PURPOSE!! But, today he didn't. So, we had some progress....someday it will all work out.

We are not up to much or doing anything terribly exciting. My choir has our annual spring concert this weekend. It will be fun. I think Dave is coming and his mom plans to come out and hear us too. Sherryl and Anthony are planning to come hear us on Saturday night. That should be nice.

My prayers go out to the Shuman clan tonight. They are crossing a bridge over rough water. Safe passage, Shumans!

Hugs to Julie! She walked her team through the Relay For Life this weekend. WAY TO GO, JULIE!

That's all I know. Peace out!


daniela said...

Thank you so much. We greatly appreciate your support. I just know that Jayden soon will be pooping full time in the potty :-). Many hugs to you. XOXO - Daniela

The Pizzitola Family said...

It was nice seeing you today even though it was only an hour. Longer next visit!

Anonymous said...

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