Monday, April 30, 2007

Progress is progress

Jayden pooped in the potty yesterday---ON PURPOSE!! But, today he didn't. So, we had some progress....someday it will all work out.

We are not up to much or doing anything terribly exciting. My choir has our annual spring concert this weekend. It will be fun. I think Dave is coming and his mom plans to come out and hear us too. Sherryl and Anthony are planning to come hear us on Saturday night. That should be nice.

My prayers go out to the Shuman clan tonight. They are crossing a bridge over rough water. Safe passage, Shumans!

Hugs to Julie! She walked her team through the Relay For Life this weekend. WAY TO GO, JULIE!

That's all I know. Peace out!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Girls are so amazing...

Eliana is sitting on the floor next to me playing with a magnetic letter board that I bought for Jayden a while back. While she is sitting there, she is singing the alphabet song! Granted, she is not actually saying the names of the letters...that would be too much! But, she is singing, "d, d, d, d e, d, g..." so only making the sounds she is really good at. But...still it's the ALPHABET song WHILE she is playing with the ALPHABET!!! AMAZING!

She also has a "DADDY" fixation. Yesterday she woke up and called out to Daddy who had already left for the day (taking Jayden to school). But she called out to him and the repeated "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! ..." over and over again as she searched the whole house for him. When he finally came home last night, her face lit up like a Christmas tree! This morning....the first thing she said to me after I picked her up from the crib..."DADDY!" and pointed to where Dave and Jayden were sleeping. you can't win! :)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Nothing to report

We are recovering from being sick...yet again! Poor Dave! He was sick on his birthday. That's kind of sucks for him. I planned a nice (fancy) dinner for him that we ended up eating tonight instead of Thursday because he said he wouldn't be able to eat on Thursday. We had filet mignon and green beans and mashed potatoes. YUM! But DAMN!!! I didn't know Filet mignon was $21 friggin' dollars a pound!!!!! HOLY CRAP!! Still it was good and it's Dave's we lived high off the hog tonight!

Jayden is doing well with going pee in the potty as long as we remember to send him. He shows no signs of initiative to go on his own and he is still pooping in his pants. I am tempted to have a day of all accidents to prove that he needs to pay better attention to his own body. But, then I am also tempted to put a diaper back on him and see where that leads. In the meantime, since no decision has been made, we send him to pee every hour or so and watch him like a hawk when he crawls behind a table or squats in a corner.

Nothing else going on. Hope all you loyal readers are well.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter, Everyone!

And, Happy Sunday to those of us who don't celebrate Easter. :)

We have had an eventful day. We had the WORST brunch at the Fountain (inside the Fairmont) with Dave's mom and family this morning. It was ridiculously expensive and the food was not very impressive at all. Additionally, they charged us for Jayden (who was supposed to be free) and "forgot" to charge us for the drinks (which you would EXPECT to be free)! Oh well, at least we only do this brunch thing a couple of times a year. We just won't be going there EVER again! Although, they had a crème brulée on the dessert table that was SOO GOOD! I like crème brulée. :)

Immediately following brunch (which lasted until 12:30) we journeyed on to Bonfante Gardens (now known as Gilroy Gardens) and had a marvelous time. We enjoyed the rides and the games in fine weather. They had a scavenger hunt for the kids that was fun. Jayden liked getting the little toys and seeds they were passing out. I enjoyed following the map to get to the little tables. It was fun. Eliana had a good time on the rides. Dave was worried that she was too little to have fun, but she was smiling at every turn and even asked to go on some rides. The biggest hit of the day, though, was at the midway games. They had one game that was giving away GIANT (and do I mean BIG) bouncy balls (I think they are supposed to be basketballs colored in the colors of the favorite NBA teams). We got a dark blue and black ball that says San Antonio on it. It must be at least 2 feet in diameter! I expect we will have a lot of fun playing with it!

Hope you are all enjoying your special Sunday.

Until next time, au revoir.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Pee Pee and more Pee

My life must be one governed by a toddler/preschooler. It seems that my every post is about pee and that my posts are getting further and further apart. But,'s the scoop on the poop (hahahaha...I kill me!)

Jayden is fully in underwear now, FINALLY! He is pretty good about going to use the potty when I tell him to, but not yet ready to decide on his own when he needs to go. Not sure when or how to make that transition, but I think a few more accidents will have to tell us that info. In any case, Jayden is excited about wearing his Power Rangers underwear and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles underwear too. We have yet to open the other two packages that we bought (Cars and Superman) because he has been really good about keeping his pants dry!

Ellie likes to sit on the potty, too. Someday she will figure out what it is there for and she will get trained in a snap (I hope). But for now, I'll just let her up there when she wants it or when everyone else is having a turn. Who knows, maybe one of these days she will pee in the toilet and then have it all figured out. Here's to wishful thinking! :)

On the brighter side of things, I am going to pick up the kids pictures from JC Penney's today. They came out so good, I ended up spending $75 on pics. AND, that was after I got the free sitting fee and my $4.99/sheet coupon! Check them out!

1 2 3

4 5

6 7

8 9

10 now you must see how I bought out the entire selection of pics! I couldn't choose from all these great images, so I got them all! Ok...I admit I think my kids are the cutest kids on the planet...but then all mothers think that of their children, right? But seriously, let me know which picture you like best.