Friday, February 22, 2008

Just a couple of new pics...

Nothing new to say since we are finally over last week's flu. Eliana's temperature returned to normal on Monday so we have had a pretty normal week this week. Ellie's big excitement is that we painted her toes. She was sooo cute holding her foot out in front of her face so she could admire my artistry.
Meanwhile, Jayden who managed to avoid being sick altogether, was having a great time at his new soccer class that he LOVES!You can see the big glowing smile across his face. Dave was also enjoying the sunshine during Jayden's class. But, Dave might have been having a little trouble figuring out what to do with himself. He brought himself a book to read, but he took about 45 pictures of this 30-minute class! Not terrible, but a little excessive if you ask me! :)

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