Monday, February 11, 2008


Ok! Ok! Ok! Here! Pictures of the house!!

This is one view of our family room. This shows the entertainment unit and the big empty space that we filled in with my desk and our kitchen table for time being. We will be moving my desk soon and eventually the kitchen table will end up in the kitchen. I know...don't go into shock over tables are SUPPOSED to be in the kitchen!

This is the same room from a different view. You can see that Jayden and Eliana are still eating breakfast at the same table...well...I know we have 3 of them, but only one in this room! :)

The couches in here are the ones that USED to be in our living room (downstairs) but they fit WAY WAY better up here. This room is upstairs by the way.

Here are 3 different views of the kids room. They are sharing for the time being. I originally thought they would each have their own room, but during the last few months at my folks' house, they ended up sharing and loved it. Since they were enjoying each other's company so much, I decided they could share here for a while, too. I know they will outgrow it soon and want their own space, but for now...

Two different views of the playroom. You can kind of get a feel for it by the placement of the little princess table. I love having the couch in there because it allows for grown-up seating while playing. Some of you might remember the little jungle-gym/slide do-dad under the window. It's the same one we had in the downstairs playroom. We have room for a LOT more toys, now, but I still need to go through them and weed out the ones that don't ever get touched and put some away so they are not overwhelmed by choices.

This is our almost finished upstairs bathroom. Featured here are double-sink countertops on an extra tall vanity (no...I have no idea why we needed the kids bathroom to have an extra tall vanity...they can't even reach the sinks!! We need some extra tall step-stools now!), a brand-new toilet that is just a wee-bit too far out from the wall (they had some trouble!), and expert tiling in the shower by the Awesome, Amazing Gary.

Now on to the downstairs...

My kitchen is almost done. I think it will be the first room that is completely done. This view is the finished side. From where I stood to take the picture and beyond, it's a mess...filled with things that won't stay in the kitchen and really not clean either. But, the newest asset to the kitchen is the addition of the backsplash. I think it really gives a nice finished look to the space. We also need to add some draw-pulls and knobs to the cabinets...YEAH...we need knobs so we can remember which way the stupid things open!! I can't tell you how many times I tried to open a cabinet from the wrong side! You just can't tell by looking at it!

This is the mess that Dave made of our living room. Since we have very limited garage space, he moved in here. Someday, this will be a formal sitting space.

The hall bathroom downstairs is the most done room. It still needs some fixtures like a towel rod and toilet paper holder. But, it's usable.

The outside needs a lot of work on the landscaping, but the house is painted and the retaining wall is up in the front yard ready for the grass.

Back of house

Back yard with Shayna checking things out before her morning pee.

Here is the front of the house. You can see the retaining wall there...Thanks, Gary! You do great work! Apparently, Gary has been staying up at night planning the next phase of our project and he has some great ideas for our impending front walkway and porch. I can't wait! :)

Dave has posted pictures of the entire construction process here:



The Pizzitola Family said...

Cool! Looks like a totally different house! Looks great though. Tell there a light at the front door or will you still be using the halloween decoration? That was my favorite part and would hate to see that go. Will you put it out when I come to stay with you now that you have all of this room?
Good job guys it's beautiful!

Kris said...

I love the house....don't know what it looked like before, but it's a beauty now. CONGRATS!!!!