Friday, February 08, 2008

The Power of Prayer

I believe in it!! Julie says yesterday's prayers for Kris helped and she is doing well. I remember that road with my mom. It was a long one with the surgery, chemo, radiation, and then the 5 years of medication that followed. The good news is, she is cancer-free at this time. Thank God!

Prayers today go to Michelle who had fibroids removed from her uterus today. She is doing well and expected to go home on Sunday. But, please put out those good thoughts for her in her recovery.

I'd also like to add a small prayer of healing to Rabbi Debbie's 2-yr old grand-daughter who broke her femur (that's the leg bone) and is in a half-body cast. I hope she heals quickly.

Peace and love to you and all of yours.

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Julie said...

Pictures of the house please!!!