Wednesday, October 01, 2008

L'Shana Tova---Happy New Year

To all those out there whom I have hurt or offended either intentionally or unintentionally, I ask your forgiveness. The Jewish new year is supposed to begin with asking for forgiveness of those you have caused harm to--to repent your transgressions--then a vow and honest effort to change those ways and do better. So, please forgive me, I am turning a new leaf.

Now...on to what you all want to hear about....I am still pregnant with 28 days to go (according to my new ticker at the top...did you see it?). I am hoping not to have to wait the full 28 days (or more!!) before meeting the newest member of our family, but we are in God's hands now.

Eliana's completely healed from her tonsillectomy. We got the A-OK from her surgeon on Monday. Her sty, however, still looks God-awful ugly. I think it is on the healing end of things, but still....ick!!

Jayden had a fever over the weekend which naturally produced a cold-sore on his lower lip. Then, he was wrestling with his friend Monday afternoon and scraped his upper lip on the wall and now has a swollen ugly scraped upper lip as well. He looks like an accident victim.

Progress on the house is still slow, but bits are happening. Dave put up the ceiling light/fan in the playroom this week. It looks very nice. I hope it doesn't end up broken! Now, if only we could get the front step, back steps, sprinkler systems, lawns, staircase railings, and electrical done...ok...maybe I'm asking too much? :)

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