Saturday, October 25, 2008

Welcome Janea Louise!!!

Janea Louise Stahl was born on Thursday 10/23/08 at 1:56 PM. She weighed in at 7lbs 7.6 oz and measured a whopping 20 inches. Labor wasn't terrible; delivery SUCKED! ****update*****
So, Wednesday I declared I would be going into labor that day. I went to playgroup and then choir, but I left choir early. I was tired. Good thing though, I needed some sleep. I woke up around midnight with labor pains. They were not too strong, but consistent at 5 min apart until I called Labor and Delivery. They told me to drink some water and then take a shower. The contractions stopped in the shower. By that time, we had already called Judy and Gary to come down. They did and then they slept here in our bed until later when we finally called Judy from the hospital. About 3 AM I decided we needed to go in because they needed to give me antibiotics for the Group B Strep that I tested positive for. I wanted to make sure there was enough time. Apparently there was plenty!!

I had mild contractions both at regular and irregular intervals for hours! They put the IV in around 5 AM (it took 3 FRIGGING TRIES!!!!) and gave me the Penicillin and Pitocin. Pitocin is not as bad as I remember until they jack it way up AND my water broke. But, I got to go for a walk around 8:15 or so and met Judy and Gary in the waiting room. But, we needed to get back to the LDR room since I had to pee and the staff was cleaning the bathroom down the hall from the waiting room.

So, we sat around and chatted for a few HOURS until labor started to really progress. I think they checked me around noon and progress was slow. Around 1ish my water finally broke. About 1:30, Dave remembered that he had the cable guys coming to the house to set us up with Comcast and we are dropping our T1. Gary went over to the house to meet them. Good thing cause right about then, they checked my progress again and my water broke...that was the beginning of the real labor right there. I fortunately got the IV drug pretty quick because if they hadn't given it to me then, I wouldn't have gotten it at all. At 1:45, I felt an overwhelming need to push her out. I was not calm! I pushed and pushed and pushed and 11 minutes later, Janea Louise was welcomed into the world. YAY! :)

She had the cord looped around her neck. The midwife tried to untangle it and it broke. OOPS! That made delivering the placenta more difficult...she had to reach in and pull it out (SO GROSS!!).

*****end of update*******

About 2 hours after birth, Janea registered a temp of 101, so the pediatrician on call ordered her to the nursery for an IV and some antibiotics. She was given 3 rounds of antibiotics 12 hours apart and then released to go home. She never registered another temp out of the acceptable range, but they wanted to be cautious. My precious and I stayed 2 nights in the hospital and came home today. Of course, you all know me by now, before we came home, we needed to have an outing. We left the hospital and went to Babies R Us for some supplies (like newborn sized diapers...yep let that go 'til the last minute), and then to Erik's Delicafe for lunch. I was hungry (I know...big surprise!!).

Speaking of hungry...I need to find something to eat now, too. hmmmmm.....

OH!! I almost forgot the pictures!! Click the link:


Violet the Verbose said...

Welcome, Janea! She is SOOOO cute, Lynda! Sounds like an ordeal with the birth, but hooray, she's here! Congratulations to all of you. How are Jayden and especially Ellie enjoying their new baby sister?

Myldy said...

So glad you both are well and she's very pretty Lynda....You & hubby do good work.

Congratulations to you all.!