Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Getting caught up!

What a great weekend! Dave and I really like playing an online interactive game (Everquest II) but there is usually so little time to play together that we feel dissatisfied with our version of "quality" time. But, we made special plans this weekend to play and play and play. SOE (Sony Online Experience) has been working hard at changes in the game to make room for a new expansion on the upper end. Because of this, they offered a special "double-experience weekend". So, we played all weekend long. I feel ready to face the day today (of course it is only 9:30am) and get an active start on our week.

A set-back to that active start is that Jayden is coughing now. Since we have been sick in this house (ok....I have been sick) since February 2, I am concerned that he may have a bacterial infection now. We will be seeing our favorite pediatrician in a couple of hours to check things out. Maybe my upbeat motivated attitude will help me to get some cleaning done around the house! I can see how that would lead to the possible health of my household. I haven't gotten ANYTHING done since the beginning of the month and the house is a MESS!!! Julie, I NEED YOU!

Speaking of Julie, I can't wait to see your new house! I suspect that by this time you are all moved in and LOVING it! There is something about moving into your own home....oh yeah! It's yours! :)

Ok....what about the kids? Jayden has been learning to take pictures. He LOVES to play with my camera. He takes 30 pictures at a time and wants to do this 2-3 times a day. Some of his pictures come out good, but many many of them are of things like his toys, the TV, coke cans (he makes us look really bad), and the couch. He is working on framing though. Sometimes he can even get the thing he wants to take the picture of inside the frame and it comes out. Other times, he say "taking picture Ellie" and he gets her sleeve. I seem to be inept at adding images or else I would post them here for you.

And Just for fun...here is one of Jayden:

But, now Ellie! She is getting good at sitting up. If I sit her, she can stay that way for a couple of minutes before she folds over in half. She is rolling over on a regular basis...."Mama, I want to be on my tummy!!" For every play time, sleep, and yes...diaper changes too! She is so full of personality! I love watching her play and interact with us. She thinks Jayden is all that and a bag of chips! She will watch him play and stare in admiration of her big brother. When he plays with her she is full of smiles and giggles. It's fun to watch them together. She also likes to watch me play EQII (see above) and she is chewing on EVERYTHING! No teeth yet! I thought she was going to pop them out early based on the one showing, but it has since receded into the gums again and there is no sign of any new teeth. (I am just as glad too...as I said...she chews on EVERYTHING!)

Well, I am not sure what I have forgotten, so....what ever it is, you will find out tomorrow or the next day! :)


The Pizzitola Family said...

Hey Lynda! Thanks for dropping me a line in your blog...I feel so important. Now I have internet again, I can get caught up on all of your lives. The kids are getting so big! Jaydens hair is cute. The house is great, but empty right now. Going to Texas in a few weeks (11th) and getting all of that...yeah! Love and miss you all. Tell all the moms hello for me and give them my love! I hope to come up there at the end of March...I'll keep you posted!

Aunt Judy said...

Hey Lynda & Dave!
What an awesome website....I love seeing what you've been up to and all about the kids! I'll have to check into how to become a blogger! lol
I love you all and can't wait to see you again.........an hour away can sometimes seem like 3000 miles away with all of lifes little pleasures that keep us all so busy. I can't wait to see your life's little pleasures again! I miss them bunches,
Love you all,
Aunt Judy