Saturday, February 25, 2006

Life's a beach!

Today we went to the beach! What fun! We drove out to Capitola and spent some time soaking up the sun and the wind and the waves. Jayden had a blast running in the sand, collecting rocks and shells and sticks, and playing in the water. Grandma Tess had tons of fun taking pictures and more pictures and more pictures! Eliana enjoyed hanging out in Aunt Katie's and Uncle Wes's arms. I enjoyed not being the one to have to chase the toddler and hold the baby! :)

After we spent a good amount of time on the beach freezing our little butts off, we had lunch/dinner at Paradise Beach Grill. The food was good, but the service was seriously lacking! We must have been there for 20 minutes before the waitress started to bring out drinks and I never did get mine! I had to remind her that she didn't bring it. Then, she brought me a dirty glass....and the replacement drink was ALSO IN A DIRTY GLASS! You would think that she would have paid particular attention to the second glass! Oh well, like I said...the food was good.

We strolled past the stores where Aunt Katie bought Eliana the cutest bathing suit! Like she needed it! When I get her in it, I will take pictures and post for your "awwww" ing pleasure.

The day must have been quite stimulating for both kids because even though they were exhausted, they didn't sleep on the ride home. Eliana screamed all the way home. I think she just didn't like her carseat, but she may have been hungry. If so, she surely didn't eat as much as I would have expected when we finally got home. And, Jayden talked all the way home! He did get quite whiny at times, but it was hard to relax with Ellie carrying on so and his carseat in the truck is not very comfortable. Needless to say, we were all glad to be home.

Dave gave Jayden a bath while I let Ellie get some exercise (she was held almost all day!) in her jumpy chair and on the floor. Then, Jayden, desperate to get some TV time, fell asleep on the couch and I just put Eliana down in her bed. I hope they sleep all night! Dave and I are still up, but I don't think we will last much longer! At least, I won't!

Hopefully, pictures tomorrow!

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