Monday, November 24, 2008

Shameful parenting

I feel HORRIBLE!! Not only did we find out in July that Jayden had a cavity in one of his teeth, but today I took Eliana to the dentist to determine if she had cavities and she does!!! I was suspicious of her lower front teeth since they looked like there was erosion between 3 teeth. Her teeth are really close together, but still, I thought they looked bad. So, I took her in today. The dentist determined that not only were there cavities between the lower fronts, but she suspects there is one or two in the back as well! I feel like a terrible mom!

We brush! Either Dave or I supervises or brushes the kids teeth morning and night. But, still, both of my kids have cavities before the age of 5! How horrible is that!?! I didn't have any cavities until I hit puberty! What's wrong with me?! Why am I so bad at this mothering thing that my kids' teeth are rotting out of their heads!?!? :(


Julie said...

No worries Lynda! Rebecca's already had 2 fillings and a root canal. Some kids teeth just decay more than the others. If they drink a lot of juice or milk that doesn't help either. It'll be ok. They're big teeth will come in least you take them to the dentist!

Myldy said...

Don't feel bad at son had 11 silver caps by age 2....he had no enamel on most of his baby can brush and brush and it won't help....they either have good teeth or they don't. the permanent teeth will be strong...just wait and see. :)