Tuesday, December 02, 2008


...is addictive! I joined because a friend asked me to so she could share in the pictures of my beautiful children (see previous post). I didn't think I would do much with FaceBook, but I got started on a couple of the games and I can't stop! I love the word games Scramble and Pathwords. I can play them endlessly (and really...who has the time for all that?!). I also got started on Pirates and Vampire Wars. Now, normally, that's not my cup of tea, but DUDE!!! I love these games. The biggest downfall (as I have had in EverQuest as well) is that you need friends to play too. I can NEVER get my friends to play these online games with me. Oh well...what can I say, I am not a charismatic person. I just love to play! :)

If you have a Facebook page, please join my Pirate Crew (you don't have to play unless you want to, but join me anyway...I get stuff for having crew members) and my Vampire Clan. If you don't have a Facebook page, please make one and join me! :)

I said I was addicted! :)

PS--Update on Ellie's teeth...thank you for the support! I still feel like crap about her teeth, but the support helps. We will be visiting a pediatric dentist to get those filled sometime this month. I better call about that...perhaps I can take time out of my busy Facebook game-play and make a phone call or two :-P

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Julie said...

I can't play those things...my computer jacks up everytime I try. It's so annoying cause I can play the MySpace ones but not those.

Rebecca goes to the dentist tomorrow...I'll let you know how TERRIBLE of a mom I am when I get back. You're not the only one girlfriend. I can see the 'shit' around her poor teeth! Ha!