Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Janea is ok...

after taking a tumble from the examining table in the doctor's office!! OMG! I am a bad parent! I took two steps away from her to put Eliana's sippy cup in the diaper bag. While I had my back turned, Janea managed to flip herself off the table! Dr A checked her out and she is totally fine, but it scared the crap out of me!

Eliana is going to be okay, too. She had her dentist appointment today and she was such a big girl! She brushed her teeth with some help from me and the hygenist. Then she let the hygenist take x-rays of her teeth--both front and back! Then, she got her teeth cleaned and was most cooperative! YAY! Lastly, she let the dentist himself have a peek at her mouth and look for those looming cavities that we knew were there. Turns out she has cavities in all four front uppers and also in the lowers. :( I am so upset! At least they will fill them with tooth colored fillings. I was worried about that! We also have a flouride gel that we are to apply every night right before bed. Our new routine will be floss, brush, flouride, bed! The flouride being the new part anyway.

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Julie said...

You are NOT a bad mom! Things happen and she is ok and that's all that matters. Who would've thought she could roll over...already. Stop being so hard on yourself. Lots of hugs for you.