Monday, December 22, 2008

The fun never ends...

So last week was filled with excitement. Dave had "acupuncture" on Monday. That immediately led to sciatic pain that he did not previously have, but the rest of his back pain was much better. BUT, he was left with debilitating headaches and on Thursday, massively high blood pressure. So, he had a trip to the ER. After a WHOLE day of testing, he ended the day with a spinal tap. Some of the side effects of a spinal tap are headaches when in an upright position. However, if those headaches continue for more than 3-4 days or are accompanied by nausea, he needs to be seen again.

Today, we are off to the ER for a return visit for a blood patch to help clot the leakage of the spinal fluid from the tap site. I can't express how exciting this is going to be! GRRRRR! A bonus to this procedure is more back pain as a side-effect.

More later!


Blood patch done. They made a mess of him with the betadine and the blood and the IVs and all that, but we left hopeful that the procedure was productive. On the plus side...we've been camera happy! :)

Jayden and Eliana show off their moves before a lesson at All Sport Mixed Martial Arts Studio. They LOVE it there. And, the owners/teachers are so nice.

One big happy family! We love to cuddle on the couch. Jayden and Eliana like making faces at Janea to keep her happy, too.

This the bruise Dave got from the ER intern on Thursday before his spinal tap. Apparently, IVs are not his forte!

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