Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dumb or Embarrassed...

Not sure which I am more. I am embarrassed's the story:

We are celebrating Chanukkah at the synagogue. It's the first Chanukkah party at our new home, so there is quite a large turn-out. To celebrate, we of course sing songs. The most popular song is, of course, "I have a little dreidel". But, Rabbi Debbie makes it interesting by changing it up some. When we get to the part about "I made it out of clay", she lets someone choose what they would make it out of and then makes up a rhyme to go with it. Well, naturally this is a great place for children to participate. Jayden is excitedly raising his hand. He wants to be called on so bad! I asked him, "What would you say if she called on you?" He says, "I don't know. I'll have to make it up if she calls me." And, she called on him right then. He waits a bit, then shouts out "POOP!" OMG if I didn't die of embarrassment right then and there. Unfortunately, all I could do was laugh my ASS off! And, darned if she didn't roll with it!

Now, I am embarrassed about that, but I am stupid as shit for this:

We took the camera to Judy and Gary's house for Christmas Eve dinner with the family. I was consolidating our stuff. I could have SWORN I took the camera out of the "High School Musical" gift bag that I loaded with garbage and put it in the little blue gift bag that we brought home. But, as of today, we can't find the camera. :( Need I say more?

So, no pictures...sorry!

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Julie Pizzitola said... the Rabbi laughed too right? I think they are put on this earth to embarrass us.

So...your camera got thrown away? YIKES. That sucks girlfriend.