Sunday, December 25, 2005

All good things...

I love having dinner with the family. There are many hours of wandering and mingling and "what have you been up to?"s. But it's enjoyable and fun because it's family. And, no matter what the story is, you gotta love it because it's family and you gotta love your family. No matter how kooky or crazy or non-sensical (is that a word?) they may be, they are family---AND I love it!

Needless to say, our Christmas festivities went well. We spent a lovely afternoon and evening in Boulder Creek on Saturday visiting with Dave's side of the family. Everyone is so different in that family that it's almost like and international hodgepodge of people. Even so, the kids had a great time playing together (I am glad that the girls like to let Jayden play with them at this age, because he is the only boy.) and the adults had a good time drinking together! :)

I am glad that Jayden was finally well again too. He had been sick earlier in the week with a nasty fever and some stuffiness, congestion, and the green snot ran long! Of course, now, he has some pretty nasty fever blisters on his chin. I hope they don't get worse like last time and rampage throughout his mouth. He keep such a tight reign on his pacifier I worry that he is going to spread the cold sores around his whole mouth. But, even worse than that, I worry that he will give them to Ellie. He loves to touch her, kiss her, play with her....And my understanding is that they stem from herpes which is highly contagious. She is too young to have to deal with all that craziness that we went through with Jayden last year when he got it for the first time. I guess I need to keep my fingers crossed.

Tonight was also the first night of Hanukkah. We lit the candles and with no surprise, Jayden squealed with delight. He cried, "CANDLES!!" with a huge grin on his face and promptly, blew them out! I explained as I lit them again that these are not birthday candles, but Hanukkah candles and we don't blow them out. But, all the while we were saying the blessings over the candles, he was trying to blow them out. Ahh! So cute! :)

After candles, we did presents. I gave Dave a mug with a little mouse in it---a little reminiscent of the mouse we have haunting our house. :) The real thing scared the peepers out of Dave when it jumped out of a mug of molding coke on his desk a short time back. Jayden got a Dora puzzle which he put together 3 times before throwing the pieces on the floor. And, I opened Jayden's puzzle with my new mini Swiss army knife complete with scissors and a nail file! :) This one is much smaller and lighter than the one I was carrying in my purse, but still has all the functions that I need (I think).

Anyway, that's it for tonight...Chanukkah party at my parents' tomorrow....wonder what fun that will bring! :)

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