Friday, December 30, 2005

Ellie Rolled Over!

I MISSED IT!!! One of the big advantages of being a stay-at-home mommy is that you are supposed to get to see all of the great "firsts" in your kids' lives. I MISSED IT!! My mom was over here babysitting while I got some much needed cleaning done today. Ellie rolled over while my mom was watching her! Life can be so unfair! :( But, if we go by my isn't really a first until I see it happen! :)

Did I mention that we took Jayden ice skating?!? He LOVED it. He kept saying, "Go again?" every time we went around the ice and then took a break. We took a break after every lap. DANG, I did NOT remember how those stupid skates hurt. Whose feet are shaped that way?!?? And NO padding?? OUCH! We took frequent breaks until Jayden finally pooped out and wanted a nap. Still, it was fun and we will probably do this again.


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I love the picture! It sure sounds like an activity great for tiring out a 2 year old!