Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Chanukkah!

I love winter! I also love that it doesn't snow in California....not sure what I would do if I were freezing all the time! Anyway, we get to go up to Dave's aunt and uncle's house tomorrow for our first Christmas celebration. This the traditional family celebration. I expect we will have good food, good wine and good family-times. We will follow that celebration with a trip to Dave's mom's house on Christmas morning. We had talk of going to a movie in the afternoon, but I think that will depend entirely on the kids...especially Jayden.

We will start celebrating Chanukkah on Sunday night with lighting the first candle and presents for Jayden. A party at my parents' house is planned for Monday night and then of course we will have candles to light every night and presents for Jayden every night for all 8 nights. I decided not to get Eliana 8 nights worth of gifts this year because she is too young to appreciate them and enjoy it. I got her one just for the picture. It's a teething rattle. If my suspicions are right, she will be needing it soon. I think she is going to teeth much earlier than Jayden did.

Oh well...we shall see! Off to sleep before we celebrate.



The Pizzitola Family said...

Have a 'Merry Christmas' and 'Happy Chanukkah'!

The Pizzitola Family said...

You all have a 'Merry Christmas' and a 'Happy Chanukkah'!