Sunday, December 18, 2005

Where have I been?!?

When I look at the last entry I made, I can't believe that so much time has passed. I find life truly amazing when it flies so fast that I have trouble keeping up! How can I be so busy and still be doing nothing?

I have to look at my life though and realize that I am quite blessed. I am sitting at my computer with Jayden in my lap. He is such a good boy. I know I complain about his rambunctious behavior and his antics, but he is a blessing! I couldn't imagine life without him. Also, at this very moment, I am listening to Eliana chat away through the intercom. I couldn't ask for a happier baby! I hope she keeps up that good spirit her whole life long. She is 3 1/2 months now and so precious!

Ok...enough philosophical goodie-goodie....we will be busy busy over the next couple of weeks. Hanukkah with my family, Christmas with Dave's, New Year's at home I hope! :) More soon (I think)!


The Pizzitola Family said...

Oh my Gosh!! they are so cute! Eliana is getting so big! How old is she now???

Lori said...

I love those pictures! Good to hear Eliana is a happy baby!

Kit said...

Hi Lynda, I finally took the time to have a look! Love those pictures and now wondering what you look like. It's been a while since I saw you last, hahaha.

I saw a link up there that looks very familiar, cool! Thanx!

Will mail again soon. Love, Kit