Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Calm in the Eye of the Storm

Not sure what it is about today, but I have a feeling that the string of bad luck is not yet over. Today was unusually calm though. We had no catastrophes and though Jayden was typically Jayden and Eliana was acting a little different, it seemed like a pretty good day.

Jayden has a bit of a rash on his rear...we think it is scratched from the diaper rubbing it and then he scratches it and it looks worse. I put some Hydrocortesone on it to make it feel better. So he bumped his leg and to make it feel better he squeezed about half the tube of cortesone on it. He got it EVERYWHERE! But, all in all, not a disaster...just a big mess.


Anonymous said...

Oh my Gosh!!! You guys are barely holding your heads above water aren't you???? So.......moving in with with the Kaminsky's eh? What a blessing to have them!!! You'd be welcome here...but you KNOW it would be a hell of a commute and a bit crowded as well ;) I miss you all so much! I love your Blog page....I think I'll get one going for myself and then we can blog more often! Give my beautiful God children a big hug and Kiss for me ok? Tell Dave I love him and miss him bunches! We'll have to plan a new meeting place won't we! Ah the Stahl's never knows where they'll be next! Did Dave get the permit back? Love you!!! We;ll be at Trav's & Katie's till tomorrow night. XOXO

Violet the Verbose said...

Well I sure hope it is over, Lynda, you guys have been through enough lately! Loved the anecdote about Jayden putting half a tube of hydrocortisone on his bruise - ha ha! Typical kid story, the kind you love to hear. hee hee. I'm keeping my fingers croseed that you're through the worst of the string of bad luck, if hopefully all of it!
- Caroline