Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Normalcy returns...I hope

So far things seem to be pretty calm. I keep waiting for the second shoe to drop, but my tension is lessening as the time passes. We have had a couple of incidents, but nothing very out of the norm. I ran a red light on my way home Sunday afternoon. Yes, I was sooooo stupid I did it right in front of a police officer. He pulled me over (no surprise there) but told me that I should have just stepped on the gas and gotten over the crosswalk before the light changed. He said he had to pull me over because others were watching and he didn't want to look bad, but he let me go with advice on how to be more successful in running lights. :)

We also attempted to get our first inspection on the house. Typically, Dave let it go too long and our permit expired. So, he had to go downtown to City Hall and renew it and then schedule the inspection. The inspector came yesterday and decided to call his visit a "consultation" rather than an inspection so we don't have a negative report on the record. He gave Dave some tips and suggestions on fixing the problems. It was all pretty simple stuff to fix so hopefully Dave can get it done pretty quick.

I have been trying to get our stuff moved for the big demolition and rebuilding of the 2nd story. I packed up the movies (for those of you that don't know we have a lot of movies--6 boxes worth in both DVD and VHS format) and moved most of the books from upstairs to the playroom. I still have so much to do! I would love it if a work party just showed up at the door and said, "We're here! Let's do it!" Oh, well...I better get some more boxes and get to it.

The good news about this remodel is that our new upstairs will have a pre-school playroom. I would like to start a Preschool At Home program here where a couple of days a week (like t/th) some moms and I run a preschool for our kids. I am working on a whole plan for this, but I don't know if any other moms would even be interested in something like this. Almost ALL of the moms I know around here are talking about preschool or have their kids in one already. Well, more on this later if anyone shows interest in it. :)

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Lori said...

Wow, you really lucked out on that cop! That's awesome.

I was just talking with hubby about how our playroom is so set up to run a daycare kind of program but I have absolutely no interest in watching other people's kids in addition to my own just to make a little money. Two of my own keeps me busy enough :-) I'm impressed with your ambition!