Friday, March 03, 2006

Murphy's Law is in Effect!

Yes...If it can go wrong, it will! As of yesterday, the compressor for our air conditioner was frozen over, the furnace wasn't working, the T1 went down, there were termites searching for a new home in our bathroom (since their old home was disturbed by the stucco removal), Dave's tooth is broken and may need a root canal, one of the two lamps in my kitchen is not functioning, the neighbors are asking way too much for their house to rent (but we will probably do it anyway) and they don't allow pets (what are we going to do with Shayna?), and Jayden threw up all over himself and his carseat and my car yesterday on our way to get pictures taken.

Yep! Fun times around here!

Oh yeah!! And it's RAINING!

Amendment--Not 30 minutes after the original posting of this message, we got a call from our bank. Someone has accessed our online information and stole $19,000. Yes...there is more going wrong still...How much more can the Stahl Family take? Tune in next time with "You're in hell and you can't get out!"


daniela said...

oh Lynda, i am so sorry to read this! i'm thinking positive thoughts - wish that could help take care of everything. also wish we could take shayna..i know everything will work out (hope that's not too lame).

The Pizzitola Family said...

OMG!! I hope the bank is going to put your money back? Hope things start looking up for you all!

Violet the Verbose said...

Holy crap! Wow, that is an amazingly long string of crappy happenings. I am sorry that all is not going well around there. I hope things get better soon.