Tuesday, March 07, 2006

If things can go wrong....

They still will! After all that has happened so far, one might think that the reign of hell is over. BUT, NO!!! Tonight as I was making dinner, I stepped into a puddle of water. Hmm...how did that get there and why is it getting BIGGER???? The frigging pipes under the kitchen sink separated from eachother and water was leaking EVERYWHERE! Yes, Lake Stahl is located under my kitchen sink! Lifejackets required; no lifeguard on duty!

Other than that, Eliana's dr. appointment went well yesterday. She is healthy save for a yeast rash that we need to get ointment for. Her height (26.5 inches), weight (17.5 lbs--seems to have dropped a bit), and head size (43 cm) are all in the 75th %ile. Dr. A says she is big and healthy but won't necessarily be a tub-o-lard when she gets older, so stop worrying Lynda! She is such a chunk that I get concerned. I was nothing but skin and bones but largess runs in my family.

Everything else is going same as before. Perhaps with the exception of our plan to rent the neighbors' house. We are seriously considering camping out at Casa de Kaminsky (my parents' house) instead of spending needless $$ on rent. Bummer, though, I was rather hoping for all the super amenities of the ExtendedStay Deluxe. Oh well...not my luck, ya'know?!

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The Pizzitola Family said...

Well Lynda, at least your keeping up a good humur about it. You know that saying "if you don't laugh, you'll cry". Just be grateful for that. Things will get better. Oh yeah, I've been wanting a vacation...Maybe lake Stahl is the place for me...ha ha ha. (I'm not laughing at you--I'm laughing with you! Good luck on everything! PS...you're always welcome here too!