Monday, March 06, 2006

Things haven't changed much around here, but yesterday was fun. I had a Pampered Chef party (presented by my cousin--well, my husband's cousin's wife--Katie) here at the house and we had a good time. I am lookig forward to seeing what neat litle gadgets everyone ordered! They will be delivered to my house....OH GOSH! I hope the roof is still on when they get here! I just thought of that!

Anyway, as for all the things in my last post, there is no advancement on those issues....including the rain. It was coming down in sheets last night. Today is beautiful, but it's very wet outside. I don't know if it is going to stay nice or start raining again. Nor do I know if they guys are coming out to work today. I am not really sure what they need to be doing before the roof comes down, so, I leave it up to them.

Eliana goes to see Dr. Armstrong today for her 6 month checkup. I suspect all will go well. I don't have many concerns. She is growing very well...I can tell by her height and weight! She is every bit of tank that Jayden was at that age. I am concerned a bit by her inablility to sleep through the night, but I guess I am just unlucky that way. And the other thing I want to ask about are her eyes. She seems to be a little cross-eyed. I thought that should have straightened out by now. Oh well, we will see what he says!

Here's hoping today is a good day!

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Violet the Verbose said...

How did Ellie's checkup go? I hope all is well with her!