Monday, March 20, 2006


I am so conflicted about our moving. On one hand, I am thrilled that we are going to be getting a much bigger house and have tons of space to spread out. Our plan for the addition to the house should make it big enough to live in for the rest of our lives. We also get to move in with my parents, which is also a mixed blessing. I love that my parents are going to be around to help me out with the kids (because I am on the verge of losing what's left of my little mind), but I am going to be living with my parents! I haven't done that in YEARS! There will be a lot of compromising going on. I guess that is the other hand. I am experiencing a great deal of stress from lack of communication with Dave and the weather being so inconsistent and the contractors waiting out the weather to get started and not having an exact date for being out of the house and .... I could go on for pages...but I won't. The point is I have great anxiety about our situation.

The good news is that I found a new babysitter. Dave's youngest cousin, Max, is going to come over twice a week to watch the kids while I tutor. The extra money will help pay for the really cool part of a new house....walls, carpet, electricity, toilets, and favorite part...A BATHTUB!! :)

Off to pack up some more stuff that should just get thrown out.........

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