Monday, September 18, 2006

Jayden and Eliana

Things are pretty typical around here right now and there is not much to say. I keep thinking to myself, "It's time to post on your blog, Lyn." But, as I sit here thinking there isn't much time to type anything, I am also thinking there isn't much to say.

Jayden is liking preschool. When I pick him up, he asks me if he can stay and when he can go back to class. He likes his teachers and his class, it seems. He doesn't talk much about his classmates, so I am presuming he hasn't bonded with any particular children yet. He is still not potty-trained although he will go most of the time I put him on the pot. Sometimes, he flat out refuses...other times, he goes almost as soon as his tush hits the seat. Dave caught him trying to poop under the table the other day and dragged him to the bathroom. He was so proud of his "rocket ship" poop. Not much else to report on Jayden.

Eliana started music class on Thursday. She seems to like it. Daniela signed up Kayleigh and Ryan for the same class but an hour later. We stayed for their class last week and we will attend their class again this week because Daniela asked me to. I'm so nice! :) There are not too many people in her class so I am hoping for a merger between her class and mine that will end up meeting on the hour between our current schedules. I would really like that. The timing would be so much easier for me! And, Ellie seems to like the class and the extra attention she gets from me during the class now that she doesn't have to share it with Jayden. I like that part too.

Ellie is walking, now. She does crawl a lot still and when she can find something to hold on to while walking, she holds on. She doesn't need to, but I think she likes the security. She loves to wear her new little shoes. I didn't actually NEED to buy her new shoes, but when I was out getting Jayden shoes that he DESPERATELY needed, I couldn't help but look at her little feet and want to buy some for her too. :) She is all about shoes. She loves to go to the shoe pile where we (my mom, me, and Jayden) dump our shoes and play with them. She puts them on her hands AND her feet and wanders around with them.

If it isn't the shoes, though, it's the books. She has also turned into a real bookworm. She is so good at just sitting and playing with a pile of books for really long stretches of time. It's a real treat because not only did Jayden not do that, but he would destroy a paper book inside a New York minute if you didn't watch him like a hawk. Ellie is not exactly gentle with the books, but she is looking to "read" them and play rather than destroy. I think with Jayden, though, it is the engineer in him that makes him tick. First destruction, then construction. He wants to see how "it" goes together so he can make it.

Anyway, for someone who had nothing to write about, I seemed to have used up quite a few words. Now I need to seek solice elsewhere as my hide-out has been discovered by the children and the babysitter is still on the clock.

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