Saturday, September 30, 2006

Walking and hugging

Eliana has finally made the switch from crawling to walking. I noticed it at a playdate this week. She was wandering all over the playroom on her FEET! I also noticed at home that she has taken to wandering around with stuff in her hands. I think when she discovered it was easier to transport her special treasures while walking and carrying than to drag the stuff and crawl, she was motivated to make the switch. Today she woke up from her nap on the living room floor (yep, I am a terrible mother, I let my kid nap on the floor!) she got up and wandered into the kitchen before I caught up with her. She had to be the cutest thing ever just tottering on her little feet with her eyes only half open. What a loving cuddle-bug she is, too. Just loves to toddle over and give hugs when she is playing, but when she is sleepy (just going down to sleep or just getting up) she likes to sit and hug and put her head down. I LOVE IT!

Jayden loves her, too. Today, he wanted to nap with her. He saw her sleeping on the floor and tip-toed around her. He asked if he could sleep with her. I said no because we can't wake her up or she will cry. He asked if he could give her a kiss. I said that would wake her up. So, he came over to me and gave me a big hug and kiss instead. LUCKY ME!

I love my kids! I love my life (today at least anyway)! I love that I get to stay home and watch them grow and change and learn! And, today is a beautiful fall day with grey overcast skies and a nice chill in the air. We are at home quietly cuddling and enjoying being together. Daddy is at our house slaving away to make it livable (hope that happens in the next decade or so). What a great day!


Lori said...

It's days like these that make it seem like you could have more huh? :-) hehe...

Glad you had such a great day!

daniela said...

I love this post. These past 2 days have been good snuggling weather. Fall is in the air :-). Glad to read what a happy day it was - hope today is providing more of the same for you all.