Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Life's lessons

Well, I have learned 2 things since this weekend's travesty. They are not necessarily good things, but, then....we usually learn from our mistakes.

The first: Some people SUCK! Some people have no concept of civilized behavior or social acceptancies. Some people SUCK! Other's however, have more empathy in their little toe than those "some people" I previously referred to.

The second: I can't spell! Holy moley! I spelled THIEVES wrong! I need to go back to the 5th grade!

All's good. We are moving forward on our house project. Dave met with an insulation guy today that really seemed to know his stuff. The other guy that Dave talked to was clearly less than knowledgable in regards to the work that was capable of being done and how much it should cost to do it. So, now we are hoping to get some serious stuff done and be able to move back home soon....well, a couple of months probably, but maybe not next year now. :)

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The Pizzitola Family said...

Yeah! Glad you're not letting this get you down. I didn't even notice you spelled it wrong...what does that say for me?