Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Preschool cake!

Today was Jayden's first day of preschool. I got the call last week that he was admitted to Temple Emanu-El Preschool which is the school of choice for us. So, early this morning, I got us all up and we rushed him off to school. He was pretty nervous about it. He was saying, "I don't want to go to school. Nobody likes me there because I am different."

Now, of course, this is not true. He was making up a story to cope with his nerves, but he was still nervous when we got there. Never-the-less, he smiled pretty for the pictures.

Ok..it may have been more goofy than pretty, but he was nervous.

Here he is meeting his teacher for the first time.

And, before I get accused of never posting pics of Eliana....here she is in her cake-y glory! Happy 1st birthday, Princess!


The Pizzitola Family said...

Way to go Jayden! Very nice cake Ellie!

Lori said...

What did he say after he got home? Hope he had a great day!

And that cake looks mighty yummy!

lynda said...

The first thing he said to me when I went to pick him up was, "Mommy, I want cheese!"

Apparently, another kid had some cheese in his lunch and Jayden (who LOVES cheese) wanted it. They are not allowed to share at school though, so he asked me for it right away. I swear that boy is governed by when and what and how much he eats!