Sunday, August 01, 2010

4 AM

Here we are again. It's 4 AM and I can't sleep. Why? Might have something to do with someone coming to bed at 3:30 and waking me up after I have been asleep for several hours. But, the snoring is the worst part. Even if he just woke me up and didn't snore, I might have had trouble going back to sleep, but with the snoring---no chance!

What am I thinking about? Still that woman at GG with the moving my stroller crap. Seeing the situation unfold in 30 different ways each more imaginative <> than the last. A little ridiculous to be sure. I also imagined a massive gang fight at Great America. Not at all sure where that came from. Didn't see anything there at all that would lead me to think we would be subjected to witnessing violence when we were there just one time an entire MONTH ago! Must be my subconscious telling me that I'm nervous about taking the kids back there by myself. I should probably wait until I can get some company.

Jayden had a friend over today. Dave overheard him telling his friend that his parents are "a pain in the butt" because "Daddy is at work all the time and Mommy is always on the computer or watching TV and neither have time to play games with him". We must really suck as parents. I am going to work on making a bigger effort to spend time with the kids doing kid-like stuff. Tonight, Dave spent an hour with Jayden making "slime" from a kit that Jayden got from my brother for his birthday. Jayden insisted he wanted to do it alone with Dave and no Ellie. So, I pulled out an art project for Ellie to work on. She lasted 5 minutes. After she gave up on that, we put a puzzle together. She actually sat through and finished the whole thing. She was very proud of having finished the puzzle. I hope she remembers the sense of accomplishment and sees more stuff through to the end. She doesn't seem to have the patience to finish things. Well...I'm not sure if patience is the right word, but follow-through is an issue.

We'll just have to see. I guess it will take more discipline on my part to see to the kids' success. I will need to be more diligent.

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