Tuesday, August 31, 2010


so here we go...bedtime X 3, by myself. All tucked in and sleepy. I'm waiting to see if we have the Eject-a-bed plugged in tonight or if she is really going to go to sleep.
This is Little Miss's fourth night in her big-girl bed. It's not been as easy a transition as I was hoping it would be, but all-in-all, not as hard as it could be either. Saturday night was her first night in her bed. She took 1 1/2 hours to settle down and finally go to sleep. I'm pretty sure it was on her bed. Sunday night she was much more tired--not having had a nap I think helped. It only took 45 minutes for her to settle down. Last night she was like a Jack-in-the-box with the damned mattress being her springboard. Everytime she would jump back into bed and we would turn around, she was out of bed again. It took nearly 2 hours for her to settle down and go to sleep. THEN, she was up at 4 screaming her little fool head off in the living room. Not sure why she ended up out of bed or HOW Dave (who was sleeping on the couch) didn't hear a thing, but after I ran up the stairs to fetch her, it took a full 5 minutes for her to stop screaming. Then I took her back to my bed whereupon it took her another hour to finally settle into a deep sleep.

Tonight, she settled into bed easily. So far, I don't think she has even gotten up. I don't hear anything and I haven't seen her pop out of the door yet. I don't DARE look! Heaven forbid she be falling asleep and I disturb her by opening the door! Fingers crossed! :D

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