Monday, August 23, 2010

First day of school

So today my kids will start school. I must be excited. It's 4:45 AM and I have been up for at least a half an hour. I can't sleep yet AGAIN! Sometimes I wonder if this is my body's way of getting me ready for the new baby and sometimes I think I am just a retard for not sleeping when I can! Unfortunately, I am not capable of just shutting down and going back to sleep. Not sure why that is, I have never had trouble sleeping in the past.

Anyway, in just a couple of hours, my precious little girl will start KINDERGARTEN and my handsome boy will be a 2nd grader. I am torn about which one I should walk to class, but I think I am going to take Ellie. I don't want to miss out on her firsts. Dave can take Jayden to class. I'll probably take both kids to Jayden's line and get Jayden lined up and situated and then take Ellie to her line. Our neighbor's granddaughter is going to be in Ellie's class. El is pretty excited that she already knows one of her classmates AND that it is the girl that "lives" next door. She doesn't actually live there, but since Grandma takes care of her, she is there most of the time.

Jayden is pretty excited that his buddy Alex is in his class. He was in kinder with Alex but not 1st grade. His other cub scout friends are together in a different class this year. I'm glad they didn't separate Jayden from all three kids. That would have been hard on him I think. He's a pretty emotional kid, my son. :D I think he gets that from me.

Ah well...Off to spend some quiet dark hours alone before the chaos starts.

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