Friday, August 06, 2010

Long day

Today was a very challenging day for me. I woke up for no apparent reason at 4:30 this morning and could not get back to sleep. By 7:30 I decided I needed to take advantage of the situation and I got my grocery shopping done. By 9, the groceries were home and put away and all three kids were fed breakfast. That was the end of my productive day. I crashed by 9:30 and was sound asleep when Janea wandered downstairs and scared the daylights out of me by climbing up on my bed. She managed to wake me up twice in the whole hour that was I in bed. I am guessing Dave was in the shower by that time leaving no one to look after her so she went awandering. So, being awake anyway, I got up and played trains with the kids for a while. When they were hungry for lunch, I made sandwiches and then I announced it was going to be quiet time. I put Janea in bed for a nap and sent the other kids to play in their bedrooms--I know..I don't like toys in their rooms, but this was a good thing. I tried to sleep. Ellie came out and woke me up 3 times and my phone rang twice. I was doomed to sleeplessness.

Luckily, I found inspiration to go to the library after Janea got up from her lovely long 2 hour nap. It helped pass the time until dinner. The kids helped make English Muffin mini-pizzas. I threw together a little salad and we dined pleasantly. Janea apparently decided she wanted salad (I didn't make her one because she lacks molars) and shouted at me "SAT! SAT! SAT!" until I figured out that was her word for salad. She didn't want me to just put some on her plate, though. NOOOOO! I had to feed it to her on a fork--from the BOWL! She had to get hers just like everyone else did! She is such a little tyrant! Bless her little sweet self! :) I am now off to bed to seek the sleep I so desperately need. Here's to hoping I don't wake up until AFTER the sun comes up tomorrow!

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