Monday, August 02, 2010

Keeping it up!

So, I figured since I was up at 4 AM again anyway, I might just as well keep up my blog and post again. This time, though, there was no one to blame for my being awake except myself. Janea had a screaming fit sometime after 11 and Dave brought her upstairs with him and there they were when I got out of bed. So, now I gots ta wonder if my waking up was habit or my body getting used to less sleep so that I can start taking care of the new baby when he arrives. I think habit.

Of course, all the stupid things that I am thinking of don't help me at all to go back to sleep. Let's let's not. I don't want to rehash everything in my head AGAIN!

On the bright side of things, Jayden had a fun playdate at his friend Johnny's house today. While he was there, Eliana got to go to the neighbors' house and play with Sydney and Dietrich. I stopped in to chat for a while after I dropped her off. We decided to have dinner together (Round Table of course) and spent a lovely evening. Tiffany and I teamed up against Dave and Alan for Cranium and we won! I's hard to believe that Alan didn't win. He has always won every game we have played together. This was rejuvenating.

Additionally, the kids had a lot of fun playing together. They built a fort in the playroom. Tomorrow's task (or is it today...hard to say that when the sun hasn't come up yet) is to clean up in there (again) and secure the shelves so we can really use them. I want to get all the darn toys up off the floor! Perhaps I can get a vacuum cleaner through there soon! Oh's to hoping!

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