Thursday, August 05, 2010

Another Day in the Life...

So much happened today that was of the mundane order, yet it all seems to be the importance of the day today. I managed (with a little help from Mom) to get through 5 LOADS of laundry today...all washed, dried, sorted, folded, and put away--A feat in itself! Once everything is washed and dried and put away, I intend to go through and weed out the things we have that we really don't need to have. I suspect there won't be much there as part of that laundry was blankets, sheets, and towels. BUT, I have to try!

I also had 5 kids here today for several hours. A friend of mine had an appointment today and needed some extended care-time for her precious little ones. They played rather well all 5 of the kids together, but at times the gang was really really really LOUD! It makes me tired. Fortunately, there were no real catastrophes and hardly any problems.

And, the last fun thing that happened today, Janea just brought me a diaper. Sometimes, she is just playing with the diapers, but this time she needed a change. She pooped and decided it was time for a clean diaper. I told her the next step is to tell me before she poops and we can try to get that potty thing going! :)

Off to get Jayden from karate now. Hope he was good there too!

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