Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wonderful update!

I have a wonderful update to this morning's early post!

My dear friend who was going to have to send her daughter to the ghetto school of the neighborhood has now gotten her precious one into a better school in the district. I'm so glad that she called up the district office and asked for a transfer to any of the better schools (they are all better than the one she was assigned)! I don't feel like I will have to worry about this sweet child so much now. :)

Eliana was a trooper today also! She got her lower front teeth fixed. They did cap them, but with tooth colored caps instead of metal ones. They look like crap, but anything is better than stainless steel caps. I'm relieved about that. Also after talking to my friend (mentioned above), I feel better about Ellie's need to take several trips to the dentist to fix her teeth. Apparently as a kid, she had many cavities as well and spent several days going to the dentist to have them fixed. She said that having a little done at a time over several appointments was easier on her as a kid than to have a marathon fixing session. That makes me feel better about the whole deal. PHEW!

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